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Help promising businesses

Your capital can build thriving enterprises that serve vast numbers of less privileged people. It’s called impact or social investing: ‘social returns’ that change the third world for good.

You can invest any amount above € 1,000 (∼ US$ 1,300). When you make your contribution, you’ll be joining an international movement of socially minded investors who are pledging part of their portfolios to sustainable finance in emerging markets. With no banks in the middle, no large overheads, and no ethically questionable investments, your capital is put to more effective, altruistic use.

NeoFin’s transparent professional approach

You will be provided with a regular bulletin with information about the progress of the project your funds are supporting, plus a social impact report will be drawn up upon completion of each investment, a copy of which you will receive.

When NeoFin’s investments have matured and are fully refunded, it will inform you offering the options of:-
  1. Reinvesting your funds entirely into another of its investment projects
  2. Donating your funds to NeoFin towards operational costs and investment in other projects
  3. Returning your funds back to your bank account using the details initially provided to NeoFin

How we manage risk »

Investment procedure

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NeoFin has been granted ANBI certification by the Dutch tax authorities.

How would you like to transfer your funds?
It’s important for NeoFin to have your details registered. Should you choose not to provide them, and your contribution is transferred to NeoFin in any way, it will not be able to keep you updated with its bulletins pertaining to the progress of the project you are funding, nor refund your contribution. In this case, NeoFin takes the opportunity to thank you for your contribution that it will be obliged to classify as a non-refundable donation.

Cash Donation/Bank Transfer »

Post/e-mail/fax »

As a working partner, PayPal does not charge NeoFin for transfer fees, so the maximum of your contribution can be utilised.

No matter how you choose to contribute, please accept NeoFin’s sincere gratitude for supporting its efforts.

Please contact NeoFin’s Financial Director/CFO, Brenda M Bruin with any questions

* NeoFin is neither a firm of accountants or lawyers. For questions regarding the Tax or Legal aspects related to your financial contribution, it is advisable to contact either your Inland Revenue/tax department, or legal/tax advisor in your country of residence/incorporation