Help generate employment

Become part of an international movement that’s changing thousands of lives. Your donation will empower marginalised people (mostly women) in the developing world to create their own employment, making a vital difference.

Your donation is a catalyst enabling people and small business to change their lives

Crucially, your donation will not be given carte blanche to people in need. Instead, your donation will go towards funding selected institutions, which, in turn, lend micro-loans to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to work their way out of poverty. These individuals want dignity and independence - not handouts. And micro-loans are a proven, highly effective long-term catalyst for change. It’s that extra support people need as they work to solve problems for themselves.

So what happens to the financial returns NeoFin receives? Quite simply, they become ‘social returns’ - they’re recycled into providing additional new loans to more people or organisations in need. This market-based approach can grow whenever gifted grants run out - and this is a major part of the solution to the big problem in emerging markets. Your gift will endlessly keep on giving.

Our transparent, highly professional approach

You’ll receive a regular bulletin informing you about the progress of the project your donation is supporting.
A social impact report will be drawn up upon completion of each investment, a copy of which you will receive.

It’s easy to donate

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NeoFin has been granted ANBI certification by the Dutch tax authorities.

How would you like to make your donation?
It’s important for NeoFin to have your details registered. Should you choose not to provide them, and your donation is transferred to NeoFin in any way, it will not be able to keep you updated with its bulletins pertaining to the progress of the project you are funding. In this case, NeoFin take the opportunity to thank you for your Donation.

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Donating online is safe and secure but if you prefer to post your signed cheque or other form of contribution, please print this form,Pdf and thereafter post/scan & e-mail/fax it to NeoFin’s office.

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NL-1851 RC Heiloo
The Netherlands

Fax: + 31 848382360



No matter how you choose to contribute, please accept NeoFin’s sincere gratitude for supporting its efforts to help marginalised people.

Please contact NeoFin’s Financial Director/CFO, Brenda M Bruin with any questions

*   NeoFin is neither a firm of accountants or lawyers. For questions regarding the Tax or Legal aspects related to your financial contribution, it is advisable to contact either your Inland Revenue/tax department, or legal/tax advisor in your country of residence/incorporation