Donors, professional investors, private individuals, and companies today are rethinking their relationship to their money and investment portfolios, and what they can do to make the world a better place - even as they work to reach their own financial goals. Dedicating just a small portion of your investment portfolio, or savings in the bank allows you to multiply your social impact while diversifying your holdings.

The right investment will meet impact investors’ personal goals…

NeoFin works with professional investors, private individuals, and companies who want to do more than just support organisations whose work and approach to responsibility are consistent with their values. NeoFin creates opportunities to invest in organisations that are not traded publicly, but that directly serve economically disadvantaged SMEs and households who are seeking financial self-sufficiency. The NGOs are non-profit organisations with roots in their local communities, and an established record of great work. NeoFin gives these organisatios the flexibility and the wholesale capital to grow and expand, so they in turn can assist small entrepreneurs start up their own self-sustaining businesses.

Social Impact

It is estimated that if all individual investors put just 1 percent of their portfolios into social impact investments, there would be trillions of Euros / US$ available for our work. The measurable impact of social investment enables NeoFin to:
  • Create new work and jobs for marginalised individuals
  • Ensure there is financial management training for those receiving micro credit
  • Create the possibility of increasing access to healthcare & health insurance
  • Create the possibility of improved educational opportunities for their children
  • Create the possibility that profits can be made, thus enabling the new businesses to expand
  • Closely monitor its NGO partners, who in turn monitor their own poverty outreach programs, tracking all changes in their clients’ poverty status over time
  • Create the possibility that receivers of micro credit are successful and can thereby create new jobs for others, thus improving the local economy