You Can Help Make An Impact

Help us make a lasting difference in the fight against unemployment of the poor

NeoFin is seeking experienced financial professionals to assist in the creation of structures and/or vehicles to facilitate capital raising from interested investors.

NeoFin’s team of committed volunteers is crucial to its mission of helping to alleviate poverty. For its fundraising activities, NeoFin is continually endeavouring to expand its number of volunteers, national and internationally. Applying for a position at NeoFin is a clear choice for a highly dynamic international organisation. It is important that you are able to perform well in a pragmatic environment with a direct communication style. NeoFin is very ambitious and wants to realise growth through further raising of capital. Its goals can only be achieved if it has ambitious volunteers with capital and/or fundraising experience. If your English is excellent and you speak one or more other languages you are also invited to apply!

Volunteers need to be passionate, highly talented professionals who come from all geographies, sectors, backgrounds, and ethnicities who combine business skills and moral imagination with an unwavering dedication to solving the problems of poverty. If you match these criteria, and if you are enthusiastic about what NeoFin is doing and are willing to assist us in raising funds, we would welcome hearing from you

We are doing our utmost to make the world a better place for less fortunate people who want to make a better life for themselves.

It is NeoFin’s team of employees and volunteers that is the success of the organisation, and it is deeply indebted to them.