Join NeoFin in this fast growing sector

NeoFin is a Netherlands based organisation established to help combat third world systemic poverty in an already proven manner. The creation of NeoFin has been inspired by the Nobel Prize winning micro-financing model of the Grameen Bank and Foundation in Bangladesh, making small loans (known as micro credit) to disadvantaged but otherwise qualified entrepreneurial individuals / families in selected third world markets, with no requirement for traditional collateral support.

NeoFin raises capital from amongst others, private individuals, investors, non-profit institutions, financial institutions, foundations, companies, religious organisations and government bodies. NeoFin provides wholesale loans to SMEs and NGOs such as MFIs-Micro Financial Institutions, Co-operatives, and Rural Banks. By helping disadvantaged people start up their own self-sustaining businesses, your donation/investment/loan-lending will help them develop their whole family’s well being, and at the same time improve their rural economy.

Why charity alone is not the solution

Poor people seek dignity, not dependence. NeoFin seeks to prove that philanthropic capital, combined with large doses of wise business judgement can build thriving enterprises serving vast numbers of people. NeoFin’s market-based approaches utilising micro loans have the potential to grow when gifted grants runs out, and this is part of the solution to the big problem of poverty. NeoFin uses philanthropic capital to make disciplined micro credit loans, not grants - that yield both financial and social returns.

NeoFin provides hope for the poor