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Our goals represent the fundamental belief that the success of any business is inextricably linked to the sustainability of the world around us. The irreversible momentum of affordable, reliable clean energy and sustainable agro produce are an important contribution to resolving both the energy shortage and farm production for socio-economic development.

NeoFin raises capital from amongst others, private individuals, investors, non-profit institutions, financial institutions, foundations, companies, religious organisations and government bodies. NeoFin provides wholesale loans to SMEs and NGOs such as MFIs-Micro Financial Institutions, Co-operatives, and Rural Banks. By helping disadvantaged people start up their own self-sustaining businesses, your donation/investment/loan-lending will help them develop their whole family’s well being, and at the same time improve their rural economy.

The Team

Our team is specialised in the areas of renewable energy and agroforestry, management, expertise in emerging growth markets, project development, impact investing, and environmental protection. The team merges European management, technology and marketing expertise with emerging market’s dynamics and creativity.

NeoFin provides hope for the poor