Looking to make a difference in the world?

NeoFin does this by making it possible for less-privileged entrepreneurial individuals to start up their own small businesses with small loans - micro credit - thus enabling them to improve the quality of their and their families’ lives. After all, everyone deserves a fair chance in life. Micro finance is increasingly considered as one of the most effective tools for reducing poverty in the third world. NeoFin also provides funding to SMEs.

Financing such organisations is not only economic, but it is also a social activity. NeoFin thus delivers on its mission of providing access to “non-traditional financing” - sustainable development.

Looking forward to the next decade, a report by J.P. Morgan and The Rockefeller Foundation estimates that the impact investing market offers the potential for invested capital of $400 billion to $1 trillion over the next ten years.

NeoFin’s task is to raise donations, secure investment, and to borrow money from private individuals, foundations, religious organisations, companies, and government bodies that wish to help NeoFin make a significant social impact, with the capability for it to grow to scale.

Improving the development model

"Sometimes we only focus on micro (small) entrepreneurs, but then what happens to the SMEs? It is the missing middle. The micro entrepreneurs are buying and selling products to the SMEs - Small and Medium Enterprises. It is very important that we can also finance the value chain; because only by doing that can we get to the next level?"
- Her Royal Highness Princess Máxima of the Netherlands. -