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NeoFin at a glance

NeoFin is a project developer, implementer, operator and manager of carbon neutral power generation solutions in developing markets. It researches the feasibility of infrastructure projects (solar, biomass, waste to energy, and water), it explores conceptual plant designs, makes the projects bankable, identifies financing partners, determines and involves relevant parties in the value chain, supports the permitting process in order to successfully start the new business, hereby catalysing the creation of employment. The central premise of NeoFin’s profit with purpose approach is that there should be no trade-off between financial return and social impact. In fact, we are demonstrating that orientation towards a social purpose can drive greater long-term financial returns.

Innovative investing for impact

Investment for Social Impact has become a prerequisite for modern day investors. In order to ensure its stakeholder’s social engagement and financial aspirations become practicable and meaningful, NeoFin offers a tailored range of sustainable impact investment opportunities in the Philippines. All NeoFin’s investments combine financial and social/environmental goals. It invests in commercially viable inclusive financial institutions (IFINs). All of which generate employment and social wellbeing, rising of taxes, resulting in the stimulation of economic growth.

Emerging markets

Investment opportunities in emerging countries are potentially huge. When considering investing in emerging markets, it is easy to mistakenly think one is managing in a new frontier where none have dared tread - yet many of the most promising emerging market investments build upon the legacy of aid and development funding.
The Philippines was hailed as the next “Asian miracle” by World Bank president Jim Yong Kim because of the optimism the World Bank has for the country’s economic prospects; currently one of the fastest growing economies in South East Asia. It won its first investment-grade scores from Moody’s Investors Service, Fitch Ratings and Standard and Poor’s in 2013, and Moody’s Feb’15 credit rating is Baa2. Foreign direct investment as per July 2014, USD 4 bn (~ EUR 3.7 bn). GDP 2015 6% - ADB.
Attractive investment opportunities particularly in the Renewables energy, education and health sectors - only around 20% of the Philippine small firms have access to loans from financial institutions. The Philippine banks’ lending to SMEs was at a mere 14.38% of their total loan portfolios - Philippine Central Bank’s Supervisory Data Centre. Operating in the Philippines is intrinsic to NeoFin’s experts.